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Egricultures Toronto SEO services will become your round the clock marketer...

There is always room for growth! Building a professional and effective website is the first step. Presence is everything! At Egriculture, your success is our success! In the competitive world of Internet marketing, our cutting edge techniques and unique approach to online marketing, merge with our innovative designs, and attention to detail, giving your business the Egriculture ADVANTAGE!

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  • Inbound Marketing

    Revered as a trustworthy Toronto SEO company, we at E-griculture understand the essential role marketing plays in any business and thus, offer effective organic "Search Engine Optimization" techniques services to assist online businesses in achieving their targets.


    On-Page Search Engine Optimization:

    • Research and Selection of "Keyword"
    • Meta Tags, ALT Tags and H1 Tags
    • URL Structure and Internal Linking
    • Content Optimization and Development
    • XML and User Facing Site Maps
    • Tracking Target Keywords

    Off-Page Search Engine Optimization:

    • Search Engine & Directory Submission
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Article, Blog and Press Release Posting
    • Blog Commenting
    • Posting Profiles, Classifieds & Forums

    As an experienced SEO company in Toronto, we understand the dynamic trends in the field of online marketing, which enables us to offer quality services in highlighting your business website. We make use of a wide range of strategies and techniques, which allow us to target every aspect of the website, such as meta tags as well as content. The quality of the sites as a whole improves, and thus, their compatibility with the search engine crawlers also increases. Link building, research and analysis of content with focus on relevant keywords and phrases, social media bookmarking, and press releases are some of the many techniques that we implement to improve the visibility of the websites.

    All about our SEO services

    Our team of SEO expert professionals and managers are well informed about the current updates and developments related to search engines, and so they can recommend customized solutions that can address the marketing needs and business objectives of the website. We give strict attention to using white hat techniques and ethical SEO strategies, giving your website a healthy advantage. The experienced SEO professionals also monitor the website regularly and ranking reports are generated, so that any areas for improvement can be spotted and corrected quickly. Broken links, delay in loading, as well as errors are also resolved as a part of our SEO services in Toronto.

    Search Engine Optimization
    Often underestimated, internet marketing is a required part of any business, if that business is expected to grow. Our search engine marketing tools and services provide your business with the necessary exposure to attract more customers. more...

    Targeted Email Marketing
    E-griculture gives our clients the ability to quickly and effectively communicate with customers, employees, and investors using email. Our services allow you to build and manage permission-based email lists, as well as, create and deliver highly personalized email campaigns. more...

  • Targeted Email Marketing

    Egriculture gives our clients the ability to quickly and effectively communicate with customers, employees, and investors using email.Our services allow you to build and manage permission based email lists, as well as, create and deliver highly personalized email campaigns.

    Features of our email services include:

    • Send personalized email
    • Customizing your message according to the profile of your recipients
    • Automatically sense and deliver the properly formatted version, text or HTML
    • Create email marketing campaigns delivered to your schedule
    • Target your mailing list by behavior, interests, or demographic profile
    • Drive traffic and measure interest with trackable URLs

    Our service includes:

    • List cleansing and duplicate removal
    • Message formatting for Text, HTML and AOL
    • Personalization of Header, Subject, Body and Footer
    • Trackable URL's
    • Auto Unsubscribe links in every message

    Our Reports include:

    • Number of delivered emails
    • Number of undelivered emails (bounces)
    • Click through reporting on each URL
    • Detailed list of click through names

    Egricultures' Full Service Email program is the quickest and easiest way to send your message.

    Simply send us your content and list and we'll do the rest!

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Our search engine marketing tools and services provide your business with the necessary exposure to attract more customers. Often underestimated, internet marketing is a required part of any business, if that business is expected to grow. With the increasing importance of Digital Technology and the Internet, marketing and sales has taken on a whole new meaning in terms of audience-reaching potential. Your potential is unlimited! In this environment it would be unthinkable not to take advantage of this opportunity to market your products or services using the latest in search engine technologies.

    In order to market your business effectively on the Net, you will need to know these facts: You Must Know:

    • ALL the keyword strings (phrases) you might convert to sales (usually there are hundreds of them). You can't afford to miss any.
    • The REAL cost to compete on the Internet based on the keyword strings. Costs that will turn into PROFITS!
    • Which search engines are effective.
    • How much to pay. This doesn't mean paying the most.
    • What your competitors are paying.
    • Which engines use spidering, and how to attract those spiders to the keywords you need.
    • Be aware every time the engines change how they do business. (They have been known to change as often as twice a year).
    • When a particular search engine is down (Some have been down as long as 6 months at a time.)
    • When a search engine is accepting submissions, and when they are not.
    • How a search engine takes submissions.
    • The kind of content a search engine feels is relevant, and what it feels is not.
    • What technology on your site would hurt your search engine rankings and what will help.
    • Understanding marketing through the search engines is a FULL-TIME job with lots of homework.

    Why you should invest in Egriculture's Guaranteed search engine placement:

    Traffic: this can determine how much business you receive through the Internet. A revenue/profit stream that is, most likely, grossly undervalued by your business. We can regulate traffic to your website according to your budget and requirements.

    Reach: your search results reach 75% of all Internet users, using major search engines. With our guaranteed placement, we guarantee your search results reach that percentage of users.

    Effectiveness: Targeted keywords equals' targeted traffic. Through your list, your site will be on top when Internet users search for something related to your business.

    "While it is true that paid services are usurping what once was the domain of specialists, no in-house marketing division of any sized company can properly handle the complexities of being listed in all the best places without utilizing specialists, (not media buyers)."

    "Finally there exists published evidence that you must change content and code at the destination site for optimal placement; that you might not be smart to buy traffic from the SEO that says otherwise. Even when you utilize a feed service, most setups require some code and content enhancement for the job, and that requires a specialist! To say avoid SEO but add Overture, AdWords and Looksmart to media plans is ridiculous and completely ignorant of the world of search beyond paid placement."
    Detlev Johnson Moderator I-Search

  • Social Media Optimization

    Is SEO not enough to create a niche for your brand? Well, SMO is the solution for your needs...

    E-griculture can assist firms in creating a global platform using social networking websites that assists in creating a brand image for the firm. The trend of social media optimization or social media marketing is gaining prominence because of its connectivity with the masses. The social media websites are now considered as an effective tool because of its ability to reach out to a wider audience quickly than any other media sources.

    With E-gricultures’ statistical proficiency and creativity, your business can reach the masses by harnessing the power of social networking. We will help you create awareness about your brand, products and services by using different social media tools.

    Give a new shape to your dreams by introducing your brand to the masses. So join hands with E-griculture for a brighter future.

    Social Media Optimization Services:

    • Managing social networking sites
    • Creating and optimizing blogs
    • Article Writing and Article Submissions
    • Online Press Release Writing and Distribution
    • Optimization of images and videos
    • Posting comments on live content

    Why E-griculture?

    • Create effective social media network on leading social media sites
    • Ability to create brand awareness through SMO (Social Media Optimization)
    • Used of high quality content for getting useful links in digital media
    • High traffic on the website by a combination of effective SEO operations and internet marketing strategy
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" is a collection of talented individuals, focused on providing companies with the tools to effectively market themselves globally on the Internet. The E-griculture team combines our knowledge of graphic design, emerging internet technologies, strong online marketing sensibilities, and expansive search engine research, to create top quality, new media products, and winning online marketing strategies for our clients."

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